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[SpazZ] Fanmade Map of Nothing’s Over

alohaaa everyone have you seen the MV [Infinite Nothing Over] ??

lol some creative Inspirit make a map from that^^

start from your left side when L bring a heavy TV *omoo poor mybaby L*

look  at SungJong byeyeeoooom >_< kyeoopta.. 🙂


[SCAN] B2ST Japan ‘SHOCK’ Version C


[Tweet] 110318 – Twitter – @KBSMusicBank

[뮤직뱅크 대기실현황]핑크빛 러블리 보이들로 돌아온 일곱남자의 사랑스런 매력 탐구!!! 😀 컴백무대 기대해주세요!

[Music Bank’s Backstage Right Now] Investigating the lovable charms from the 7 males who came back as pink-colored, lovely boys!!! 😀 Look forward to their comeback stage!

cr;emilie, jihye & trans; hyejin @ infinite updates

[NEWS] 110315 [IN & OUT] Infinite, “Vocal Training Fixes Bad Habits!”

Kim Heesun (on the left) is teaching Infinite’s main vocal, Nam Woohyun, how to let out a strong vocal during high parts.

(Just took out one paragraph because it was irrelevant to Infinite)

To find out more about what a vocal trainer does, Sports Seoul went to the studio that the newcomer male idol group, Infinite, were receiving vocal training at.

Infinite has been receiving vocal training from Kim Heesun since October 2009. When there’s no special schedule, they usually practice 2~3 days a week. Each lesson is 3 hours.

Infinite said that they can receive a very important thing through constant training. “If we practice by ourselves, we can create a bad habit when singing. However, if we receive training, we can fix it according to the teacher’s points. We can also find our own color that we didn’t know of, as well. And the level that we can sing at increases much more. While practicing each and every day, there was a moment where we could all of a sudden feel how much our skills improved.”

Besides Infinite, many idol groups are both mentally and physically doing their best in vocal training. It’s a reality where if these skilled idol groups lack in looks, performances, or vocal skills, they will end up falling behind. Especially because there are many fans who specifically give interest in the singers’ vocal skills.

When they received vocal lessons in the beginning, Infinite paid attention to their own voices. This is because Kim-sshi (T/N: their vocal trainer) stressed, “You need to correctly hear the sounds you make to let out a beautiful sound. You need to know your own voice.”

They have recently been immersed in practicing their high pitches. This is because their comeback dance song, “Nothing’s Over”, has more high pitched parts than their previously revealed songs.

They sometimes get scolded for “not paying attention” during practice. But as they talk with their teacher about singing, it’s like the scolding never happened and they converse like friends. The Infinite members put up their thumbs and said, “Our teacher is really scary and has the best charisma in the practice room. However once the lesson is over and we leave the practice room, she’s really kind, innocent, and pretty.”

article cr; sports seoul

trans. cr; hyejin , emilie, & jihye @ infinite updates

Writer’s Block: Secret song

i think the most embarrassing track in mymusic library is Natural nbut i dont no what the title..


dag banguun pagii banget… hahahahaha *jam 9 nao bilang masih pagi bgt lebay mode ON*
happy Independece day Indonesia People..
skali merdeka merdeka tetap merdeka..
baguuus dag bangun pagi tappi masih malas ngapa-ngapain.. *tappi sebenarnya nao bingung mo ngapain…*
mandi dulu ja aaagkh biz tuw…..

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