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[SpazZ] Hyunseung = scarecrow, Yoseob = bird

LMAO apa yang bakal kamu lakuin kalo ada orang-orangan sawah secakep ini -dying-

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Yoseob ♥ @ “Gwanghwamun Sonata Musical ★

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LOLOLOL this picture make me cat stop laughing ROFL LMAO

[SpazZ] YoSeob’s Official Pose ★Again ….

This i got from twitter a few minutes ago ^^

Beast Visual maknae release his pose. idk maybe we can call it YoPose lol as long as we know, Beast leader has a famous pose ★ DooPose ★ and now….


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Guys you must be aware our baby beast will make you see this everyday lol ^^ Yang Yoji official pooo-oose has release today  ★★

Check this one out ★★

[SpazZ] Warning, Yoseob-pose Disease.

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trolololololol look YangYoji Pose VS Doopose lol ^^

which one do you like ??