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[NEWS] President of South East Asia of Universal Music Group International comment bout B2ST

“I’m more impressed by the development process of Korean artists (than the artists themselves) … When I first met BEAST, they were just a bunch of boys but I could see them change from boys to stars in front of my eyes”

by Sandy Monteiro, president of South East Asia of Universal Music Group International

Source; [Herald interview] Universal Music sees big potential in Korean classical music



[News] 110319 – Single Album: Inspirit Hanteo Daily Real Time Charts

They were off the list before but have come back to 3rd place!

Infinite’s staying on Hanteo for a long time! ;-;

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[News] 110317 – Single Album: Inspirit Hanteo Chart Ranking

About two hours ago, they weren’t on the refreshed list for the 17th, but they came back to 4th place!

04. Infinite – Inspirit

And daily charts are still the same because they’re from March 16th.

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[INTERVIEW] 110317 Infinite, Rise as ‘Total Idols’

A challenge to go to the top with their single “Nothing’s Over”—- It’s a promise that ‘it’s not over’

Putitng in a cheerful melody with lighthearted beats—- Modified the ‘angled group dancing’, became more flexible

Netherland’s representative soccer team changed the flow of soccer in the world during 1970. Using a tactic called ‘Orange Legion’, they had all offenses and defenses with a strong fitness background, causing people to give a name of ‘total soccer’.

It wasn’t just a coincidence that I thought of these people when I saw the group, Infinite. Even after debuting, they practice for over 10 hours and are idols who have the basic skills down. They garnered attention with a high level group choreography that would be hard for any group to do. Without any mistakes, they move with coordination. The name of ‘total idols’ wouldn’t be shamed by Infinite, who are willing to sacrifice anything for their group.

“We heard that there were many people who got injured trying to copy our dance, haha. I feel good to know that we looked cool to the point where people wanted to copy us. I also gained self-respect knowing that what we’re doing isn’t easy.” (Sunggyu) “It’s a choreography where teamwork is important. If one person stands out or falls behind, it immediately shows. We can’t be careless until we get off the stage.” (Hoya)

Infinite’s process is different from other groups. There wasn’t exactly a member who could represent their whole team at the beginning of the debut, so they had a hard time promoting. There wasn’t a member who towed the group like 2AM’s Jo Kwon or 2PM’s Nichkhun. Although every song they released like, “Come Back Again”, “She’s Back”, or “BTD”, became popular, the group’s popularity increased slowly.

“If I said we didn’t have any hardships, I would be lying. I also blamed myself, wondering if it was something that I as a leader, should have done. As I look back on it, I think it was an opportunity for our team to became closer with each other. We encouraged each other saying that we need to become one, and that we can do it.”(Sunggyu)

Infinite, who chose the slow steps of many people instead of the many fast steps of one person. The results from their perseverance began to show near the end of “BTD” promotions. The fans’ attention started to scatter around from just the team to individual members. They started to attach nicknames like ‘honey vocals’, ‘elementary schooler Yeol’, ‘Sangnam [T/N: Nickname for Hoya to say he’s the most masculine between other men]’ to the members. The fandom is growing to the point where the company needs to hire staff members to be in charge of them.

“If we went against other groups with our skills, we have the confidence to not lose. Each member has their own position and if we all do our part, I believe that there’s nothing we can’t do. We feel really touched when a member’s own name is called or if their own fan amount increases. Although it’s cliche, we only have the mind to do better.” (Sungyeol)

The title of Infinite’s recently revealed single is “Nothing’s Over”. It has the promise from the members that ‘it isn’t over’. The song has a lighthearted beat along with a cheerful melody. They also modified the ‘angled group dancing’. Although they focused on their flexibility, the team’s unique angle became more distinct. And the member’s desires have become higher than ever.

“Although the group choreography we did before was impressive, we received a lot of critiques that it was too unconventional. So we decided to focus on flexibility this time. This choreography is harder because each of us need to understand it in our own way. If the ‘angled group dancing’ was a multiple choice question, I think that the flexible dance is a short answer question.” (Hoya) “It’s a determination that this is the last. We always thought that we lacked 2%, but we’ve gained confidence that the lacking area has been filled. We’ll show you what ‘total idols’ really are.” (Dongwoo)


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[News] 110316 – Single Album: Inspirit Hanteo Chart Rankings

Real Time Charts – 5th

Daily Charts – 5th

will stalk till they’re first…;;

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[NEWS] 110310 – Infinite, ‘Server Down’ After Revealing Their Single Album’s Music Video Teaser

The 7 membered idol group, Infinite, revealed their music video teaser video for the third single, ‘Nothing’s Over’.

The teaser video revealed on various online video sites on the 10th, such as Bugs and Youtube, is garnering attention for the romantic playboys look that the Infinite members came back with.

The Infinite members, who have been showing us a charismatic and chic charm for awhile, show off a cute charm through this teaser video, fluttering the hearts of noona fans.

Along with the members’ baby perms, their simple yet unique clothes add onto their fresh look.

Five minutes after this teaser video was released, the server went down, making us realize Infinite’s increased popularity.

Fans who saw the video gave various reactions such as, “How could they be reborn into such shining oppas!”, “Seems like they will capture the hearts of noonas”, and “I’m looking forward to what kind of album they’ll come back with”.

On another note, Infinite will release their new single album on the 17th and will officially start promoting with the title song, ‘Nothing’s Over’.

article cr; sports today

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Hari ini Infinite ngerilis teaser video klip buat single ketiga mereka yang berjudul “Nothing Over”

Teaser MV Infinite ini dirilis di beberapa situs online kayak youtube dan Bugs yang membuat banyak orang penasaran ingin melihat konsep Playboys Romantic ala Infinite.

Uuups kalo sebelumnya mereka selalu menunjukan sisi kharismatik nya sekarang lewat Teaser ini mereka memperlihat sisi Cute yang bikin cewe’  & Inspirit meleleh haha *lebay*

Ditambah lagi baby face mereka yg dipadupadankan dengan costum yg simpe but unik bikin mereka keliatan cute bgt.

Lima menit abis teaser video klip dirilis, yg ada servernya down,  ini membuktikan popularitas Infinite mulai meningkat *clap clap*.

Fans yang melihat video memberikan berbagai komentar seperti, “Bagaimana mereka bisa dilahirkan kembali jd oppa-oppa yang bersinar seperti ini!”, “Sepertinya mereka akan mendapat tempat dihati noonas”, dan “Saya ga sabar buat nunggu album terbaru mereka ini “.

Infinite akan merilis single terbaru mereka pada tanggal 17 dan secara resmi akan mulai mempromosikan single terbaru ini yg berjudul “Nothing Over “. Wooah ga sabar nunggu MV nya rilis.. teaser nya bikin penasaran siiyy.. 🙂