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[SpazZ] On another secret date in the dark

@skullhong 메롱~~~ http://t.co/tk11BYZ http://t.co/Jbu8MZg

Hongki & Junhyung where are you??



[FanMade][CARTOON] 2Jun (BEAST) – Good night



OMGGGG Doojoon waaeee so cutee^^

junhyung-ah wake up wake up.. what are you doing??? that not me.. that not hyunseung LOLOLOL =)

Dongwoon and Junhyung… @ Seoul Music Awards

Dongwoon and Junhyung…

cr;source;© allb2st

aaawww junhyungie★

Can i replace Dongwoonie please !?! hahaha★

Junhyung VS Wind @ Clride.n Fansigning 11.03.25

this accident happen while beast doing Fansignin @ Clride.n Fansigning 11.03.25 LOL poor mybaby Jjun

hahahahaha Wind is The Winner ^^ Junhyung oppa waeeee so cuteee


[NEWS] 110321 – Wheesung – Infinite’s Hoya ‘Smile Proof Picture’, Heartwarming Friendly Senior & Junior

Wheesung is in the midst of having stage promotions for ‘Heartsore Story’ with Infinite’s Hoya.

As it became hard for BEAST’s Junhyung, who featured in ‘Heartsore Story’, to go on stage due to schedules, Wheesung asked Infinite’s Hoya. Continue reading