Believe Heenim MizZualot

This night is a blessing, the day that we met.
The moon is out in the sky and the stars are smiling.
I wish that your smile won’t be erased as I pray
for these happy days to continue

On the nights I spend alone I keep thinking about you
Even if I call you and I complain that’s not what
I really meant to do. Did you already know and just act like you didn’t?

When there are hard times, if I’d just listen to your
voice for a moment, I could forget everything and laugh it off.

I was so fortunate to be able to meet you
because you’d make me smile by just being near
I could find you even if you go far away over there,
because you’re smiling inside of me

It’s possible to fight after a long time but
even if that happens I won’t ever change.

I promise, I swear under the heavens.
I’ll pray beneath the moon to never make you cry

Far into the future if you’re ever worn and tired
think about the happy and beautiful memories
We plant faith in each other’s garden and happiness blooms.
I’ll send you the heart to my heart.
kheechul you just my mindset


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