The Unforgetable Moment of Today…

to becontinued…

just to remain before this  accident *ekekeke i was this is the biggest thing that she done to me and that make me hate that people..that why i  say this is accident..*

Okkey lets i introduce whose the peolpe that get big apart of this moment ..
first of all Miss Wp..
*miss wp is the one of the person who always make fell underpreasure when i get close with she..
she always say to me how to be good to be adult.. how to be going good job, and how to wear formal custom to office..
and i really.. really hate when someone talk to me to much…teach that i know how i must be…
i dont care what miss wp say but..
when she talk to me more..more and more again maybe it more than ten million times..
with same topic ..same word..
but i still can’t talk to miss wp that enough i dont want hear what you say..
but she still don’t understand..
she still workhard to say so many word ….like my grandma…it’s so make say say she fake..
fu*k you bit**

astgfirullah i just can istighfar…right now..


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