the bad lecturer i hate you so…ugly..fu*k..

i hate today… i hate all the people in my class.. actually the bad lecturer..
she is maybe feel very long teacher...(dosen ter-Rajin ngajar)
but its not mean anything to me… you so ugli bitc***…
you dont know… how the feel must join in you class
i remember of lecturer who to particularly get my goat is you
Stands up the front and reads 32 PowerPoint slides word for word, shows no passion or enthusiasm for the class you are teaching, regrettably all too common. ..
that you think your a good… huuuh… you just nothing..
njink..njink.. jijik gw liat loe..harus na tuh hari pertama kuliah lu kasih silabus kek ato ap kek lu pikir.. kita2 punya otak mana kompi semuaaa ga kaleee…. enak ajjah pake ngasih quiz.. ga pengalaman bgt siiy jadi dosen..
bikin semua orang jadi ngerasa bersalah bgt..
udah tua juga masih ja neko-neko.. ingat umuuur doounk..


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